So…it’s been a while

Hey hey hey,

I would just like to say that halfway through the summer I had the best intentions to be regular here. I actually really like spilling my guts out and just rambling on some subject or another. I actually have a stack of post its (from work, lets be honest) that’s been sitting on my dresser since….july?

It says:

  • Blog post: faves (with a list of things I loved over the summer, ranging from books to podcasts to makeup to ice cream so….)
  •  The last five years (and then what I loved about it)
  • a cue-card whining about how everyone things I’m stupid and a slack because I’m an arts (humanities) student (honestly though I could spend months ranting about that)
  • Blog post: my trip (which was in may)
  • Blog post: my friends wedding! (which was July)

So the intentions were definitely there! But….something must have happened. And then once school started, all bets were off. This is the busiest term I’ve had so far. I have two weeks of classes left and three papers to write. I’m actually part way through one of them now, so yay me. But seriously, that’s what I should be doing right now. But instead I thought I would just remind y’all that I still exist and that hopefully my school papers/studying procrastination will pay off here, and I’ll get a post or two done.

Here are some other things I want to talk about

  • the crown (because holy crap, this show is awesome and i’m only four episodes in)
  • maybe just all the tv show’s i’m really loving
  • my classes, because they’re all seriously interesting
  • all the things that i’ve never read/watched but really should
  • hamilton?
  • the election  actually I don’t even want to go there, and I’m Canadian sooooo
  • books that I read this term for school
  • my dirty poetry class (okay so it was 17th cent poetry but lets be honest, we only read the dirty poems)

Okay, I seriously should be finishing my paper on the Earl of Rochester and his very dirty poetry. So bye for now. I’ll be back, I promise.

In the meantime, why don’t you tell me what you’d like to see from me, and I’ll try and make it happen. (Preferably from the above list but honestly, I just do better when people expect things from me so if you want me to write anything, it will probably happen).

See you all on the other side of finals!



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