Book Questions!

Book Questions!

So I saw this list of questions on tumblr, and I really wanted to answer them. I don’t think I’ll do them all now, but lets get to it!

1: What is your favorite book? 

I made a post about this which can be read hereBut that’s only a short list and who can pick their favourite book anyway?

2: What was the last book you read?

So a few years ago my mum was working on a book. I want to be an editor so I just read what she’s written so far (and totally love it!). But the last real book I read was probably The Complete Perseoplis by Marjane Satrapi. And this is something I almost never say, but… I think I liked the movie better? Anyway, it’s a graphic novel about life in Iran during and after the revolution. I think it’s a pretty interesting read, especially about something that I don’t know a ton about.

3: What is the worst book you’ve ever read?

Look, I’m an English Major, I read books that I hate all the time. I also read books that I love all the time. But so far, I think the worst one was The Spoils of Poynton, by Henry James. It doesn’t have a plot. I mean it does, but nothing happens in it and it’s just so boring.
4: Top 7 book characters.

Oh geez. Okay. Hmm. This is off the top of my head so please don’t take this as the best/most complete list ever. It’s also in no particular order.

  • Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)
  • Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)
  • Ella (Ella Enchanted)
  • Cath (Fangirl)
  • Gemma Doyle (The Gemma Doyle Trilogy)
  • Char (Ella Enchanted)
  • The Weasley twins (Harry Potter)

Okay, so that was mostly just me looking at my bookshelf and trying desperately to remember any characters at all.

Also I realize that that last one is two…just shhhh.

5: What is your favorite genre?

I don’t even know anymore. I used to say fantasy, ‘cuz, Harry Potter. But I don’t even know anymore. I’ll read anything? Or at least I’ll try anything.

6: Book you cried the hardest reading?

I don’t know about hardest, but the first book I ever cried reading was Bridge to Terabithia (Katherine Paterson). I was about 12.

7: Book you laughed the hardest reading?

Harry Potter 6. Every time.

8: Which book character(s) do you most relate to?

Cath, from Fangirl. Pretty much anyone who spends too much time on schoolwork, or inside fictional universes.

9: Favorite author(s)?

I love Kit Pearson, a wonderful Canadian kids author. Also the inspiration for my blog name. I love Maureen Johnson for YA (the Shades of London Series is awesome). Gail Carson Levine, Neil Gaiman, John Green, Jane Austen, Shakespeare (look, I’m an english major okay? also ye olde-fashioned dick jokes are hilarious)….the list goes on,

10: Do you judge books by their covers?

YES. I mean I’ll read something with a not as nice cover, but, to quote Elle in Legally Blonde: The Musical “I know that books with ratty covers stay on the shelves”.

11: What is your favorite quote from a book?

My favourite short quote from a book is “I feel too deeply and want to much” from  the Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray.

But my favourite long quote is probably

Because after all the shattered hopes, after all the blood and death, we woke as if from a nightmare only to find that the ugly still are not beautiful, and the dull still do not sparkle. That this one sings better than that one, and he got the position I wanted. And her cow gives more milk. And they have a bigger house and he married the girl I loved. And no writ, no bill, no law nor declaration will ever change it.


I will rain down silver and gold for you. I will shatter the black night, break it open, and pour out a million stars. Turn away from the darkness, the madness, the pain. Open your eyes and know that I am here. That I remember and hope. Open your eyes and look at the light.

both of which are from Revolution, by Jennifer Donnelly.
12: Which book do you recommend to friends and family most?

It all depends on who I’m recommending it too!

13: Which book is so special to you that you don’t share it with others?

I’m not actually sure that I have one!

14: Do you have any signed books?

Yes I do! Signed John Green books. My friends mum wrote a book which won the Governor  General’s Literary award, and I have a copy of her book which I signed. I also have a signed copy of Chasing the Moon by Penny Chamberlain, which is another awesome Canadian kids book.

15: Have you met any authors?

my friends mum, a few people from my church, but no one “cool”.

16: Buy books new, used, or go to the library?

All of the above! I usually just buy books new because it’s guaranteed that I’ll get it, whereas at a library or second hand shop, it’s a bit up for grabs. I also read things on my kobo a lot. I also like owning books, so I’m more likely to buy them than go to the library.

17: Where is your favourite place to read?

Anywhere warm and sunny! I have a really wide windowsill, so I used to always sit there to read. (I also get a lot of reading done on the bus to and from school, but that’s not very pleasant!)

18: Prefer books set in the past or the future?

PAST. I loooove history, so things set back in time are amazing.

19: What 5 elements would your ideal book have?

  •  a kickass female character
  • some sort of romance that I can totally get behind (but preferably that isn’t the whole plot….although I do love me some chick lit)
  • humour!
  • tears! (I freaking love a book that can make me cry)
  • diversity!!!!

20: Do you ever hope to publish your own book?

Well, I’m going to help my mum with hers, so hopefully that gets published one day!

21: Prefer stand alone or series?

Sometimes a stand alone could have a wonderful sequel, and I’d be down for that. And then sometimes I love a series but it just goes further downhill with each new book *cough Blue Bloods*

22: Do you mark/highlight/dog ear your books or keep them in perfect condition?

Have I mentioned that I’m an English major? I write in books for a living.

But even before that I would highlight. And I also lose bookmarks, so I’ve been dog-earing books for years.

Books are made to be loved. They aren’t museum artifacts. If I need to, I’ll buy a new copy (but I’ll always keep the old copy!)

23: Hardbacks or paperbacks?

…I don’t have a preference?  Paperbacks are easier to cart along with you though, but they’re also more likely to get ruined in my backpack.

24: Do you watch any booktubers?


25: Have you read _______?

Please send me blanks to fill in! (I just really love talking to people about books they love)

26: Do you like twist endings?


27: Do you reread books?


28: E-readers or physical copies of books?

I love physical copies, but I also like the portability of my kobo. It’s the best for holidays. Plus if you finish one book, you have more on hand!

29: A book that makes you feel comforted?

Harry Potter.

30: Would you rather read any ending that makes you feel happy or sad?

Either, as long as I feel something very, very strongly.

31: Favorite villain in a book?

Not the one in The Cursed Child, that’s for sure.

32: Do you like to write reviews when you finish a book?

Sometimes! (Maybe I should write one on The Cursed Child? I have a lot of conflicting emotions about this.)

33: Do you experience “book hangovers”?

Oh Lord do I ever.

34: Favorite book cover(s)?


90478_300 (this one especially!)

35: Send me a book recommendation?

Please do. Because I don’t have enough books to read anyway, and it’s not like school starts up in two weeks or anything…



Holy crap I did it. I did them all.

Anyway, I was thinking about maybe doing a favourites post at the end of the summer. Favourite movies, books, fashion, etc. Branching out of my literary shell (oh boy was that a mixed metaphor). Lemme know what you think?


As always, recommendations, comments and questions are welcome!

(Also congrats on making it to the end, this seems to be a long one)

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